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Please mail Ticket Requests or Donations to:
2nd Star Productions,  3202 Moylan Drive,  Bowie, MD 20715

Subscriptions are on sale from May 31 through August 24, 2019

Season Tickets may be ordered online at this link ,  or by mail through printing and filling out the form below, or by phone at 410-757-5700 or 301-832-4819. Allow a minimum of two weeks for a mailed in ticket order before calling for reservations. Use the form below or include all the information with your order. We will call or email to confirm when order is received. Tickets will be at will call on the performance dates.

Patron Donations have kept 2nd Star alive during the economic downturn.  We still need your support to make it.  Among other expenses, playhouse and studio rental has increased as has most of our other operating costs.  We are trying to hold the cost to our patrons down.  Your tax deductible donations will hopefully make it possible. Please consider supporting the arts here at 2nd Star with a tax deductible donation of any amount.  Your generosity is appreciated and leave the artists who run the company free to concentrate on the productions rather than paying the bills!

2019-2020 Season Ticket/ Donation Form

Name(s) of subscribers_______________________________________________

Show dates (check one)
___1st Fri   ___1st Sat   ___1st Sun
___2nd Fri   ___2nd Sat   ___2nd Sun
___3rd Fri   ___3rd Sat 
*If later dates of a 5-week production are preferred, tickets must be exchanged via phone.

Contact Information:
Phone ____________________
Do you want reminder postcards mailed to you?_____

Season Tickets:
_____Adults @ $88
_____Senior (60 up) @ $76
_____Full time Students @ $76
_____Active military @ $76
_____Total number of tickets 
Total Ticket Amount $_________

Donation Amount  (tax deductible) $_________
List in Showbills (for $25 up) as________________________________________
Total Enclosed $_________

Visa / MasterCard / American Express / Discover card number_____________________________________________
Expiration Date__________
CSC number on back of card ______________
Or Check number___________